Computing grades made easy

So, I’m a student. I’m a student who thinks a lot about my test results. I’m the kind of student who, it has the final exams are approaching, no matter how good my greatest, I really start to worry that I’m going to but my final and screw up my entire grating for the course. I worry about that all the time. So, and I found a weighted grade calculator that made calculating the effect of my final exam is very easy and efficient, I was a very happy student. This is exactly the kind of student that I damn, and I feel like this app was kind of designed specifically for people like me, which makes me feel like either I have a good friend who is a web developer in surprise me, or I’m not the only student that’s like this. Are you like this? Even a little bit? Do you worry about how the final exam is actually going to affect your grade? Like, for example, I need to finish with a average mark of a B.  Even though I have an A in the course, I still worry about something happening, and getting bumped down to something like a B-. It may seem irrational, but it also seems like something that is quite probable. However, using this weighted grade calculator, I was able to see that for me to finish with a grade that was insufficient, the way that my tests we waited and this course, I would have to get a very low Mark, lower than any other Mark I’d gotten all year or in my entire University career. So, I had the peace of mind that knowing that, even though I was still going to strive for a very high mark, it was not so much of a life or death situation.

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