Who Impersonated Trinity in the Matrix Saga?

Who Impersonated Trinity in the Matrix Saga?

Trinity is one of the main characters of the Matrix saga. But have you ever wondered who impersonated Trinity? It is a Canadian actress, born in Burnaby4. Her most remarkable role has been Trinity, but it is not the only one. Continue reading to learn more about her.


Carrie-Anne Moss

Carrie-Anne Moss is an actress born in 1967. Her career as an actress started in 1994. She had minor roles in around 6 movies before she acted in the first Matrix film in 1999. Before this time, she was nominated for a Gemini Award for her participation in Due South in 1997. Later in her career, she received many awards.

After Matrix, Carrie has played many roles in movies and TV shows. Some of the TV shows were Baywatch, Dare Devil, and The Defenders.



The first award Carrie won was the Empire Award for the Best Newcomer in 1999, for playing Trinity in the first Matrix movie. Despite her nominations in further parts of the saga, she didn’t win any other recognition for playing Trinity.

It was until 2000 when she was awarded again with the      Independent Spirit Award for the Best Supporting Female role in Memento.

2006 was a prolific year for Carrie. She was nominated two times for two different works that year. The first movie was Fido, where Carrie won the Best Actress in a Canadian Film at the Vancouver Film Critics Circle Awards. Later that same year, Anne got the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, at the Genie Awards by her participation in Snow Cake.


About Trinity

Trinity at fist is pictured as a programmer and hacker who escaped the Matrix. She helps release Neo and is an important part of his journey. In the third movie, Trinity dies. However, she appeared again in a posteriors series called The Matrix Online. In this series, the final nature of Trinity and Neo is revealed. They both are a Biological Interface Program developed by the Oracle. As an intricately engineered piece of DNA, they are able to transfer their consciousness to human bodies and machines as well.

The girl from Burnaby played the Trinity role in the three Matrix movies and was the voice for Animatrix, the animated series. She also performed the movements of the video game. All other characters were not played by Carrie, but they are all based on her original appearance.

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