Landscape pictures- What wallpapers say about you


Landscape pictures- What wallpapers say about you

As landscape pictures become a popular choice of wallpapers among people, the world of psychology became curious to learn more about the science behind it. We all know that images give us some sort of visual pleasure. A recent study determined that the personality, ambitions, and habits of a person could be easily laid bare by carefully studying their computer and smartphone screens.

Our personalities can be divided into the following categories:


–    Generic

–    Goal oriented

–    Artistic

–    Sociable

–    Trophy

–    Specific place

As these traits start to make us, our choices of images is a clear symbol of what we know and what we don’t know about our own personalities. A travel enthusiast would never keep a paintbrush on his desktop, and an introvert would never have a DJ night wallpaper on his screen. Therefore, although our smartphones are materialistic objects, we somehow want our personalities to reflect through it in the form of wallpapers.

Pictures talk to us

These landscape pictures relate to us something. Every day as we change the wallpapers, it is our mood and subconscious activity that pushes us towards this action. Our brain gains visual pleasure from images that match with our personality, our mood, and our desires. Imagine you have been planning a trip to Austria but have no money for it. Having a wallpaper of Austria on your screen would always keep you motivated, satisfied and relaxed.

Landscape sceneries:

What is best about the landscape sceneries is that they are so versatile that anyone could relate to it. An extrovert would find a beach day image and would take pleasure from it. An introvert would find an image of a secluded island and would feel relieved by looking at it occasionally. The versatility of nature holds something for everyone. Therefore these wallpapers are never dull, never boring and never old.

Color choices

What is best about the landscape photography is that it is rich in color. You will find literally every color in nature. The relationship of color with personality has been under discussion for decades. The lover of green would be calm, blue spiritual, red temperamental, pink happy and black strong. In nature, we find all these colors. You can be yourself on the screen, in the form of a wallpaper. The colors found in landscape pictures can never be created or manipulated digitally.

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