The location and surroundings of Burnaby condos are perfect for you

Burnaby condos   are beautiful and shining structures found above the city of Burnaby and offers modern facilities, amazing design and exceptional amenities. The city of Burnaby is a perfect cosmopolitan city in which more than 60 % of the people do not speak English or French. These condos offer a much better per square feet value as compared to real estate properties in other areas. These condos of Burnaby comes with some great features which include stainless steel and granite kitchens, fully equipped fitness centres and vaulted ceilings due to which they have become the preferred choice of the buyers.

The main features and benefits of Burnaby condos

General Information

This condo is made of concrete perimeter. The best part of this condo is that it will become your good source of income as it can fetch you a monthly rent of at least $1850. The fantastic location of this condo and its beautiful surroundings makes it one of the best properties which you can buy.

Bedroom and kitchen

There is one bedroom and a living room in this condo. The kitchen of this condo comes with laminated flooring and it also has appliances made from stainless steel


There is one bathroom in this condo which has a single unit of 5 baths. These baths gives this condo a touch of luxury and sophistication.

The different style and make of this Burnaby condo

This condo in Burnaby has a different style of architecture. It has open floor plan, quartz countertop, heating and air conditioning and above all a private balcony.  The restaurants, cafe, bars and groceries stores are located at a radius of 1 km from this condo and the shopping malls and parks are located at a maximum distance of 6 km.


This fantastic condo comes at a price of $399000 and you can do a mortgage and pay in easy instalments. You can make a minimum down payment of 5% which comes to around $ 13600 and the maximum can go up to 20% which is around $80000. The gross tax of this condo is about $1872 and the price per square feet is $813. You also need to pay a maintenance tax of $220 when you buy this condo. The Burnaby condos are some of the best condos to buy and you would always feel proud that you have made the right decision of buying this property.



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