Thoughts On Outsourcing

What are my thoughts on software development outsourcing, you’re asking? Well this is something I’ve been asked a lot lately, and I have to say that if you are looking to develop software, whether you have a skilled it team or not, software development Outsourcing may be a solution for you. No, it’s not for everyone. If you have a group of software Engineers or programmers, or a combination of both, on your staff, and they have the time to undertake a software development project, obviously they are the resource you should be using period however, even if you have one of these teams, if they are busy with their usual activities and you need to develop a new software program, it is important that you consider Outsourcing responsibilities. The most efficient thing you can probably do is allow most of your software Engineers to remain on their current regimes, assuming that they are all busy enough that they can’t undertake another major project, and to Outsource this project this new project to and international or local third party. I prefer to work domestically, but the budget for high-quality work on a domestic basis is significantly higher than going offshore. Offshore Outsourcing, seems to be able to bring in an immense amount of value if you’re willing to sacrifice certain levels of convenience. I’ll have to communicate people who speak another first language and who exist in another time zone. Even if your tolerant, this can be frustrating. However the quality of work that can be afforded for the same amount of money in, for example, India, as compared to a local third party dot dot dot well, there’s a significant difference. Due to the strength of the American dollar, it is much easier to for high-quality help from an international third-party, however if you can afford to work domestically that’s good option too.

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