Well, I have been in a lot of pain lately, and it’s been pretty depressing



Well, I have been in a lot of pain lately, and it’s been pretty depressing not being able to move or function in my normal way. It makes it hard to work, but it also makes it hard to keep a positive attitude about all sorts of things, as I am used to being in pretty good shape and now all the sudden I feel like I am handicapped. Does anybody have a great Raleigh Spa that they would recommend to me? That’s kind of what I think I need to do, is just start going to the spa, maybe getting some massages, but it least spending a lot of time in hot tubs and steam rooms and letting my muscles warm themselves and cool down and do all sorts of healing things.


Now I admit that this is not my area of expertise, and usually am not so comfortable to leave my usual experiences, but different desperate times call for Desperate Measures, as they say, and it seems like things could be a lot worse than you know, taking a trip to the spa and relaxing in the company of others. Though, I’m usually pretty private about this kind of thing, I don’t think there are any private spas in the city, are there? Cuz that might be kind of interesting… However, maybe I just need to accept my fate, that I need to start getting massages and sitting in hot tubs and living slightly more luxuriously until my neck is fully healed and the pain starts to come down a little bit. I shouldn’t be pushing myself this hard, but I’m trying to get a lot done in a short amount of time, and as I’m sure my wife would tell you I am very stubborn when it comes to this kind of thing. Injury has been the best enemy for my stubbornness that has ever entered my life, and if I’m looking for a silver lining, it’s probably that my stubbornness is for the first time losing to a natural enemy, and I have been forced to experience some interesting new things. I expect the spa will be a welcome change.

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